I’m back!

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted on this blog. I have been very busy with school, working and personally overcoming the obstacles of life. Sadly, I didn’t get much traveling in. However, I am back and beyond excited to travel (I am going to Mexico in March). With this winter break quickly coming to an end, I am beyond ready to be back at school. This break has been everything I needed and it really got me thinking. I may have pulled a month-long “staycation”.


Now, I promise I did not lock myself up and refuse to go outside. I still saw my friends and made memories (I got lost in the woods with my cousin and we had to call the police LOL). I just chose to stay close to home and not venture too far. Traveling is amazing and the chance to see new things is unforgettable. But, in the midst of going to college in Rhode Island and all the other crazy adventures I go on, I forgot a lot about what I loved about my town.

The little town of Mendon, it is a cute place even if a lot has changed over the years. My favorite hotdog stand closed, the Mendon Twin changed ownership and became so popular, and sadly there is no more mini golf. In my senior year of high school, I gathered my thoughts and came up with this crazy idea that my town was Doggo and Iboring and I couldn’t wait to leave. Now, almost two years have passed and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was blind to the important things in life. During my staycation, I visited my mom’s side of the family very often. Conveniently, everyone lives on the other side of Route 16 or about five minutes from my house. I love spending time with family because without them who knows where I would have ended up. (Plus my meme bakes a lot of goodies…what is better than that).

I had the chance rework the meaning of responsibility and learned that helping out around the house isn’t that annoying as I remember it being. Nothing beats the look of my Mom smiling after coming home from work to a picked up and organized house. I do not know how I didn’t mind relaxing in a cluttered mess before.


I got to sit back and reminisce about the old memories. There are so many memories of late summer nights at the Mendon Twin (before it was really popular and they still had cotton candy slushies). The carnival was one of my favorites. It used to come to town every year when I was younger. Also, the Mendon town fair used to include rides and games alongside the craft show. Those were the times and I have so many memories of them all, I will cherish forever.

Some may say “Carly it sounds like you did nothing”, but they are wrong. I rested my mind, hung out with my cat, GOT LOST IN THE WOODS, fell down a flight of stairs, got a tattoo and spent tons of time with my family. What could ever be better than that? It prepared me to take on another semester filled with crazy adventures and of course, tons of studying. Maybe sometimes the best traveling we can do is closer than we may think.

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