Visits​ to Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a place where time is slowed down. Once you are over the Bourne Bridge, things change. Known as the “arm”  of Massachusetts, Cape Cod is filled with beautiful beaches, quaint little towns, shops, and a good time. I have been going to Cape Cod every summer since I was a baby, and they are summers I could never forget.

Kandy Korner

When I was just a little baby, I apparently screamed in my cousins ear the whole hour-long car ride home. That should have been the first sign that I was going to fall in love with Cape Cod. The second sign, I lived for the salty air and sand. May it be making drippy sand castles at Old Silver Beach or possibly even eating it (I do not recommend), I was enthralled.

I remember always going to a candy store named “Kandy Korner.”  My aunt’s beach house was only a short walk from the shop. All holding hands, my cousins and I would walk down, and we would each be given five dollars to spend on candy. At the time, it was like striking gold.

I always remember going out during the day and spending it on the beach. I loved building sand castles and sitting in the waves letting them knock my five-year-old self over. After a long of sunburns and sand, I would go down for a nap (on the floor of course, because that is where the younger cousins slept). After waking up happy and refreshed, it would be time for ice cream and mini golf. Cape Cod is littered with places to play mini golf. I remember it being a place I never wanted to leave.

As I got older, I started going down with my friends. I remember sneaking out late at night and walking around the (safe) neighborhood. Let’s remember, I was probably only twelve at the time (sorry mom).  We were also always riding bikes. It was the only way we could get places.  Even though friends grow apart, I will never forget the summers down the cape spent with them. It will forever be fond memories.
Cape Cod is a special place, it has a lot of meaning to me. I can’t wait to make more memories, and when I have kids, bringing them to create their own memories in Cape Cod. It is a magical place where memories are made.

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