Costa Rica: From the Forest to the Waves

One of the best and most exciting vacations I have ever been on was my trip to Costa Rica. This vacation never had a dull moment. We spent days on the beach, and we also spent a day traveling over to the cloud forest.Costa Rica pic

Before the trip, I had just completed my third year of Spanish, and I thought it was going to be fun to get to practice it with other people whose native language was Spanish. As it turned out, I was actually awful at speaking Spanish. However, I did learn a lot of Costa Rican slang. It was cool being able to learn and take away knowledge I never would have gotten if I didn’t travel. That is part of the reason as to why I love traveling so much.

The trip started out with days on the beach. The sand was black, and that was an interesting thing to see, and it was scorching to step on. The only way to walk on the beach was with shoes to protect the bottom of your feet from getting burnt (yes I learned that the hard way). On this trip, I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The green-blue color was simply stunning, and I couldn’t even process how stunning it was until I went to the beach on the Atlantic Coast
I was fortunate enough to take a sunset dinner cruise. The food that was served was traditional Costa Rican dishes, I wish I could have taken a picture or even remembered the name of the dish. However, it was appetizing. The sunset over the water was one that cannot be forgotten. The sun was so large that it seemed unreal. Another thing I love about traveling is the different sights that are to be taken in. It mesmerizes me, I become engrossed in the simplistic beauty that is created by mother nature.


An interesting looking plant.

The character found in the cloud forest was something I could only compare to what I saw on my trip to Belize. It is a different kind of beauty than what I see when I look out my window here at Roger Williams University. There was such an enormous diversity of color, and it was exciting for the brain. They were all so vivid. The trees were so tall. They reminded me of the tall buildings in Boston, Masschussets.

Costa Rica was a cool place to explore. The best part was that I was not only confined to one part of the country. I got to travel to two different parts of the country and explore the waves and the forest. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience such a wonderful piece of the world.

cloud forest
Clouds covering the treetops.


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