How to Stay Fly while Flying

Naturally, people gets preflight nerves. Personally, I have trouble sleeping the night before a flight. It is all just a part of the experience for me. I have been on many flights. I would have to say that my worst fear about flying is actually missing my flight altogether because most airlines make you pay the difference for a new ticket and that can get very pricey. To avoid getting terrible nerves, this is how I stay fly while flying.

I always pack everything before the day of my flight. I would be able to function if I was throwing random stuff in a bag and rushing around to get packed. I would lose my mind. I also set the alarm to wake up five hours before my flight. This ensures that I have enough time to eat a meal, charge my phone, get to the airport and through TSA, and just relax before take off. This is hard because I am usually waking up at three in the morning, but once I get to flop onto a comfy hotel bed, it is all worth it. It is needed to not rush because for some it adds a lot of added traveling stress (and no one needs that).

My view from a plane window. (2017)

I also make sure that I have something to keep me busy on the plane. My flying essentials include a charged cell phone, an amazing playlist, a magazine, and a good snack. This ensures that no one will start a conversation with me because I am not that type of person. It is important that you bring things on the plane that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is also very important to be comfy. You don’t have to dress up for the plane, and there is always time to change an outfit after the flight.

If you encounter turbulence or not the best weather…stay calm! You have to understand that you are in good hands. Flight crews are smart people and care about your safety and want you to feel comfortable. There are also very smart people in charge of deciding if your plane needs to turn around or not. A friendly and educated flight crew is always there to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Flying is sometimes part of the journey to get to the destination. The more times you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become okay with it. Flying is nothing to fret, just make sure you are prepared and enjoy the ride in the sky.

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