Why Travel?

Traveling for some is great, others see it as a hassle. As it sometimes can be time-consuming to find the cheapest airline tickets or hotels – it is all worth it in the end when you have memories that are priceless. I have made lasting friendships and have been dropped into new cultures which humbled me in many ways. Never once has the idea of paying for a trip hindered me from taking in the experiences (the good and bad) of a new place. Traveling not only has made me more aware of the world around me, but it has helped me to create stronger bonds with those that I have traveled with.

A boat in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica. (2015)

There are countless reasons to travel: to see the world, to learn, to get away from a cluttered life, to help others, make memories, to relax, and most importantly to grow and live as individuals. I have traveled for countless reasons, but with each new experience, I gain skills that I could never have gotten from just watching travel shows and sitting on my couch. I have learned how to camp and survive in the weirdest of places, to be more accepting, to work efficiently with a team, to manage a tight budget, and how to let loose and have fun. Of course, there are other ways to learn these skills, but how many of them include going to a place you have never seen or explored before? (Not many I bet)

Traveling gives us, as individuals, a chance for self-growth and self-realizations about our attributes and qualities. It is worth every cent and every scroll online looking for the perfectly priced airline tickets and hotel rooms. It will be worth every smile, picture, and laugh. Get out, and get exploring.

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